Double-layer vacuum pouches| 250x360

Order fulfillment
1 day
On request
Lot 2 000 pcs / Price with VAT
600 byn
size / thickness 250x360 mm
country of origin Belarus
manufacturer Belvakuumpack LLC
material 2хPET/PE metallised
thickness, um 80
packing method Film
purpose For packaging of veterinary medicines and drugs, foodstuffs
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Belvacuumpack LLC offers metallised vacuum pouches, which are made of PET/PE material. Vacuum pouches are used for packaging of pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines. They are entry-level pouches - bulk medicines and healthcare products in tablet form can be packed. The presence of a metallized layer protects the packaged product from sunlight. If you require packaging in solution, we recommend vacuum pouches in triple-layer or foil format.

Production of vacuum pouches Belvakuumpack LLC is distinguished by:
1. Complete conformity ТР ТС "About safety of packing".
2. Presence of declaration of conformity EАEU.
3. Excellent prices.
4. Any size you want.
5. Own quality system.
6. Execution of all orders accurately and on time.
7. Individual approach to each client.

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