Mobile vacuum machine DZ-400 / 2E

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Lot 1 pcs / Price with VAT
4578 byn
country of origin China
manufacturer Hualian Machinery
size / thickness 480х535х1010 mm
material Stainless steel
control method Mechanical panel
number of sealing bars in the chamber 2
sealing length(mm) 400
max. seal thickness (mm) 10
voltage (V/Hz) 200/50
Vacuum Pump capacity (m3/h) 20
Chamber Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 440х420х140 мм
Motor power (W) 900
Net Weight (Kg) 90
purpose Vacuum packaging
Additional information
The equipment is supplied to order.

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Brief information about the DZ-400/2E Floor Vacuum Packaging Machine.

Mobile vacuum machine DZ-400/2E is a representative of floor packaging machines series DZ-400. DZ-400/2E vacuum packing machine is made in the stainless steel case that provides wear resistance, prevents the formation of corrosion and extends the period of operation. It is used for vacuum packing of products (food and non-food) of small size and weight. This volume of vacuum packaging is the most popular in grocery chains and processing industries (packaging of portioned pieces of meat, fish, chicken, turkey, various seafood, hard cheeses, semi-finished products, etc.). Vacuum packaging machine DZ-400/2E also successfully used for packaging of non-food products, such as - medicines, household chemicals and so on.
The DZ-400/2E vacuum sealing machine is equipped with two sealing slats, which are positioned in parallel to each other, thus allowing to pack up to six packets at a time and ensuring a reliable, hermetic sealing. The length of the sealing bar is 400 mm, the width of the sealing seam is 10 mm.
The DZ-400/2E vacuum packaging machine has compact dimensions, low weight and integrated mobile wheels, which makes the vacuum packaging machine easy to move. In addition, the machine has economical power consumption and a high pumping speed of 20 m³/h. Vacuum machine control is mechanical and is located on the front panel of the machine.
You can buy a vacuum packer for cheap in Minsk from Belvakuumpack company, which is the official dealer of Chinese company Hualian Machinery.

Hualian Machinery's machines are reliable and high-quality packaging equipment at an affordable price.

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