DZ-300/H vacuum sealer

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Lot 1 pcs / Price with VAT
276 byn
country of origin China
manufacturer Hualian Machinery
size / thickness 375x155x80 mm
material plastic
sealing bar length 300 mm
sealing seam width 3 mm
voltage (V) 220
Pumping speed (litres/minute) 8
net weight 2 kg
packaging сardboard box
purpose Vacuum packaging of various products
Suitable for packaging
  • Fish and seafood
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Meat and sausage cold cuts
  • Sausages, wieners, dumplings
  • Coffee
Additional information
Vacuum roll 200 mm Vacuum roll 230 mm Vacuum roll 280 mm

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The DZ-300H is the new home vacuum sealer model from the Chinese company Hualian Machinery. According to the tradition in China, European designers were involved in the creation of the DZ-300H, so the model turned out to be stylish, attractive and made in a modern design.The home vacuum sealer DZ-300H can be used for packing dry, free-flowing and moist products as well as liquids. Furthermore, the vacuum sealer is suitable for individual and group packaging, even in ready-to-pack containers. Its versatility is an important feature of this model.
This new model also meets the wishes of many users - the company's engineers managed to achieve a significant reduction of noise level - no more than 65 dB, which is 30% lower than most vacuum sealers in this segment.

The control panel has also been redesigned with a cycle indicator:
blue - vacuuming;
red - sealing;
green - vacuum is released and ready for operation.

In addition, the homemade vacuum sealer has an improved heating element for better quality and stronger sealing seams. The cooling has also been improved and the resistance to high temperatures has been increased. All types of heat-sealable films can be used for the packaging material. The sealing seam is 3 mm wide and 300 mm long. The machine can only work with grooved bags.
The main features of the home vacuum sealer DZ-300H are:

  • continuous operation of up to 200 cycles or more without compromising the quality of vacuuming and sealing, while most competitors endure no more than 10 continuous operating cycles. This improvement in performance is made possible by the additional cooling of the heating element;
  • a compact bag sleeve trimmer is included. This makes it possible to use not only individual pouches but also rolls of packaging material for packaging;
  • easy, comfortable attachment to the work surface for maximum comfort and safety;
  • the vacuum depth is adjustable by the time of the vacuum cycle.

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